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Veterans put their lives on the line when they serve in the U.S. military. During their time in the service and after discharge, they may experience multiple issues that affect their physical and mental health. These issues can lead to significant ongoing problems that hamper a veteran's employability, as well as their daily living. If military service causes an injury or illness, veterans deserve to receive VA benefits to help meet their needs as well as those of their family members.

Unfortunately, the VA denies many applications for benefits filed by veterans. Family members may also struggle to obtain benefits following a veteran's death. Attorney Catherine Cornell at The Veteran's Practice, Ltd. is dedicated to helping veterans and their families receive the benefits they need and deserve. She has successfully appealed many benefit denials or incorrect ratings assigned to a veteran's disabilities. She believes in providing compassionate legal help and is committed to ensuring that the VA properly compensates veterans and their families.

VA Disability Benefits

After their discharge from the military, veterans may experience various issues that affect their ability to work, as well as their daily functioning. VA disability compensation is meant to address these concerns, as it provides veterans with monthly, tax-free payments. The amount a veteran receives is based on their VA disability rating, and in some cases, veterans may be able to receive Total Disability Based on Individual Unemployability (TDIU).

Veterans may be eligible for VA compensation for various disabilities and conditions, including physical disabilities, hearing loss or tinnitus, sleep apnea, or mental health diagnoses such as depression and PTSD. Catherine Cornell works with veterans after the VA denies their claims for benefits or when the VA assigns an incorrect rating to their disabilities. Attorney Cornell provides representation in a wide variety of cases, including representing women veterans, assisting with military sexual trauma affecting both men and women, and helping Vietnam veterans receive benefits for health issues, including those related to Agent Orange exposure.

VA Survivor Benefits

Following the death of a veteran, their dependent family members may receive survivor benefits through the VA. If a veteran died in the line of duty or because of service-related injuries or illnesses, or when a veteran qualified for total disability benefits, their spouse, children, and dependent parents may receive dependency and indemnity compensation (DIC). Catherine works with families to pursue appeals in cases where the VA denies DIC, and she also assists with matters involving accrued benefits and cases where survivors substitute into an ongoing appeal for disability compensation. Catherine ensures that a veteran's survivors live more financially secure lives following their loved one's death.

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The Veterans Practice, Ltd. is focused exclusively on representing military veterans and their families. When the VA denies claims for disability or survivor benefits or assigns an incorrect rating to a veteran's disability, Catherine Cornell pursues appeals to ensure that the VA addresses these issues properly. Contact the office today by calling 708-668-6996 to set up a complimentary consultation. Ms. Cornell provides representation to veterans throughout the Chicagoland area and assists with cases in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, and all other states in the U.S.

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