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Chicago Veteran Disability Compensation Lawyer

Attorney for VA Benefits for Veterans and Family Members in Illinois and Throughout the U.S.

Military veterans make sacrifices to protect the freedoms of people in the United States and the interests of the country, and they deserve to be recognized and rewarded for their service. Veterans may qualify for multiple types of benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs, including disability compensation for physical or mental health issues caused by their service. Veterans who are denied VA compensation need to secure representation of an attorney who is experienced in handling VA appeals.

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VA Disability Compensation

Veterans may experience multiple types of disabilities that affect their ability to work, as well as their ability to function in their daily lives. When a veteran's health issues are connected to their military service, they may qualify for VA disability benefits. However, the VA may deny a veteran's disability claim or assign a disability rating that does not accurately reflect the severity of the condition. In these cases, an experienced lawyer can pursue an appeal to ensure that a veteran receives the proper amount of disability compensation.

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Vietnam Veterans

Millions of veterans served in Vietnam, and even though this conflict officially ended in 1975, it continues to affect many veterans. Those who were wounded in combat or experienced injuries or illnesses while serving in Vietnam may have permanent disabilities. Many Vietnam veterans also have mental health issues stemming from their service, including PTSD, depression, or related substance abuse. Attorney Cornell can ensure that these veterans receive VA benefits that properly address their ongoing health issues.

arrowAgent Orange Exposure

The U.S. military used herbicides in Vietnam that caused cause multiple health conditions, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and Parkinson's disease. Veterans who served in Vietnam may automatically qualify for disability compensation if they have a condition that the Department of Defense has determined was presumptively caused by herbicide exposure. The military also used herbicides in parts of the DMZ in South Korea and Thailand. If certain requirements are met, veterans who served in these areas might also qualify for compensation if their disabilities resulted from that exposure.

Women Veterans

Women have played an important role in the U.S. military for decades, but they sometimes struggle to receive recognition for their contributions. If these veterans experience physical injuries or trauma in the military that lead to lasting disabilities, they can receive VA disability compensation. Attorney Catherine Cornell can help female veterans obtain compensation if the VA denies their claims.

Survivor Benefits

When a veteran passes away, surviving family members may be able to receive multiple types of benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs. These benefits may be available to a veteran's spouse, their children under certain circumstances, or parents who depended on the veteran for support. Catherine Cornell helps family members pursue appeals for survivor benefits, including when the VA owed the veteran accrued benefits or when a survivor substitutes into an ongoing disability appeal started by the veteran.

arrowDependency and Indemnity Compensation

If a veteran died in the line of duty, or experienced service-related health issues that caused or contributed to their death, their survivors may receive monthly payments called Dependency Indemnity Compensation. This form of compensation is also available in other cases, such as when a veteran qualified for total disability benefits before their death.

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Catherine’s dedication and commitment to veterans is beyond measurable.

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Catherine Cornell, Esq.

Catherine Cornell, Esq.

Founder & Owner

Catherine Cornell, Esq.

Attorney Cornell learned about the issues facing veterans while working as a college intern for CNN and researching a story about homeless veterans. After seeing the frustrations and difficulties that veterans often experience, she decided to dedicate her legal practice to helping veterans and their families receive benefits. She is exclusively focused on cases involving VA disability and survivor benefits, and her law firm is the first of its kind in the Chicagoland area.

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